Ace Hood Opens Up About His Daughter’s Death

This happened back in March, but it’s still sad

The Florida rapper says writing about the recent loss of his daughter on the mixtape track “Hallucinations” helped him cope with the ordeal…

Hood tells he wrestle with the idea of rapping about the loss of his infant daughter on the song ‘Hallucinations,” but ultimately decided it was time to talk about his pain.

“That’s my only way to actually release,” Hood, sitting in the We The Best studios, said about his music. “That goes back to me saying this music is just more… This music is my getaway. That’s why it means so much to me. The shit that I put out. Everything I put into this music, it’s meaningful. These types of records is why people love my music. It was hard. It’s hard for me to get in the booth and put forth what goes on in my personal life, it ain’t easy, man. That’s just my way of releasing. The way I know how to release it. Putting my message into something like ‘Hallucinations’.”