Bad Teacher – The STiXXclusive Review

Bad Teacher, Bad Movie. Okay, not entirely, but I was disappointed. It seems like I can never win with comedies this year. Hangover 2 was less than Hangover by a large margin, and now this? I don’t know what it is, but I hope some real comedies step up and actually knock it out with the laughs. Bad Teacher had its moments, but on a consistent basis throughout the movie, it under-performed. TO THE DETAILS!!

Cameron Diaz’s character is supposed to portray the ultimate anti-teacher. With her “IDGAF (I Don’t Give A F*ck)” mentality, her drug abuse, and her lust for a hot guy with money (insert ‘Gold-digger’ song here), there’s a lot to love about her. She’s like Sue Sylvester from Glee, except what Sue would look like 10 years younger, longer hair, and if Glee was an R-Rated show, we would hear just as much cursing that Diaz portrayed in the movie; just a brief observation.

Justin Timberlake plays a hippy/cornball/nerd who’s also a substitute teacher. I’m pretty sure if Jake Gyllenhal had been given this role, Diaz wouldn’t have flirted with him so much, because he’d be the anti-thirst. It would just be Pro-“run-for-your-life.” The writing for Timberlake’s character was annoying. They just made him to look like a little bitch. Not sure if that’s what they were going for, but still…it blew.

This wasn’t like ‘School of Rock’ where the students played an intricate role in the movie. They had their minimized lines, and the focus was just surrounding Diaz’s character….fair enough, but at the same time, the corny, cheesy lines that were used in dialogue were….cliché and honestly? One token Asian kid and 2 black kids? I thought we were diversified in America? Nope? Oh.

The funnier moments came between Justin Segal & Diaz, when Segal’s character, Russell, constantly displays his thirst towards Elizabeth. And obviously we’ve seen the funniest moment in the movie in the trailer like a billion times, when Segal and the black kid are arguing over LeBron James. It was funny once…after that? Not so much.

I give the movie 2 black fists out of 5, for lack of witty humour, and too many cheesy lines. It seems like you throw in some swear words, sexual innuendo, and other adulterated wordplay, that all of a sudden, it’s considered comedy…..right. That’s….a cool story bro, but I’m not buying it. Rent it on iTunes or Rogers on Demand, OR…skip it entirely. Those are my options, that’s my opinion,