THOR-The STiXXclusive Review

Okay, here’s the thing. Summer blockbusters are often hyped. A LOT! We know this. Right now it’s “TECHNICALLY” spring, but this, in movie land, is a summer flick. Thor….*scratches head*…okay, Thor was…OKAY, in my opinion, and I’ll give you a few reasons why.

I just had to start off the review with this brief intro. Thor is one of the movies leading up to the ultimate ‘Avengers’ movie that is scheduled to release next year (this includes The Hulk, Iron Man & Captain America, which releases July 22). Now, I’m not the biggest comic book nerd, my best friend is, so he knows more about the Thor show & the comics, and all of the avengers, whatever. Maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much, but I’ll break it down on how I watched it.

Of course there was action, more less than I expected, but of course there has to be a story told, but I felt like, it was dragged on, and cliché as HELL! 2 brothers want to be king, only one can, so therefore you have rivalry.  1 brother is literally 2 WORDS from being king, and jealous brother (but we don’t know this yet) crashes the party by bringing evil friends.  Thor the “mighty one” sets out looking for answers, gets in trouble, gets banished, little brother’s happy, blah blah blah

Before I continue with my next point, NATALIE PORTMAN IS F-O-I-N-E AS HELL!! BUT…really? After Black Swan, you follow up with Thor? I guess if it pays the bills right? True.

Stranger in the night appears, questions are asked “O-M-G where did he come from” and so on…you see where I’m going with this? No? Okay, I’ll continue.  Stranger wants, what’s his, but goes on about it in comedic fashion because the comedy of the movie was well timed at points, I won’t lie.

Stranger falls for human girl…hmmm where have we seen this before? OH YA…PRETTY MUCH EVERY DAMN MOVIE THAT HAS ALIENS OF SOME SORT OR SOMETHING!! CLICHEE, CAN GWAN SUH! *Translation* [Cliché needs to go away]
Now, I won’t spoil the whole movie, but every cliché you can kind of think of, it’s there, and it bored me. Acting wise? Good lord, with the yelling, and the 14th century speech (mind you, I get that he’s a Norse God, so I’ll give it a Bly). Idris Elba REALLY didn’t need to be in this movie. For one thing, I get that you try to be “integrated” and you add a black guy, but….CMON! Don’t anger Norwegians who actually WORSHIP this. They could have easily found someone else. But like I said, it pays the bills, so whatever.

The movie dragged on, and of course with the clichés, it didn’t make it any better by the prolonging scenes of loveydoveyness between Thor & Jane (really? Her name had to be Jane? See: Tarzan). I don’t know if I give this movie my STiXXclusive stamp of approval. Effects were great; editing was there for all I know, but the acting? SMH, that didn’t make it for me, so for that reason, I don’t give it MUCH of a pass. I’ll give it like a crease to slip through the door. If you want to be entertained, it provides that for the common viewer, but for the critical viewers, it’s just another summer flick. BRING ON CAPTAIN AMERICA!!

So, yes that’s my review, my opinion,