Emily B Talks Love & Hip Hop and Loso not showing up for the Family Shoot

Bitchie Life recently caught up with Emily B to discuss her new show Love & Hip Hop, Life as a Stylist and her Relationship with Loso.  Emily is known as rapper Fabolous’ girlfriend, even though it comes across as if she is the only one claiming the relationship.  

In reality, Emily B. is a woman who is human, flawed and still learning from past mistakes. The 30-year-old wardrobe stylist began her career in fashion design in Virginia where, after college, she began styling local artists at events. Word spread quickly about her great work and she began acquiring more contacts in the music industry. She met Fabolous at an event in 2002 and eventually their relationship blossomed into a love affair.

After seeing each other off and on for 3 years, Fab asked Emily and her daughter to move in with him, making the rest history. Now, viewers catch her every Monday night living out the drama of her personal life, such as her desire for Fab to get more serious about his commitment to their relationship and striving to keep her family together.

You were styling before even meeting Fab. How did you get your start, and who are some of your clients?

I went to school for fashion design, but styling and being a designer comes hand-in-hand, so being a stylist came natural. It was something I just started doing when I was very young. I started when I was about 19-years-old. I was working with a local entertainer in Virginia who was signed to Pharrell and he was my first client. I branched off when I came to New York and I started working with models and doing test shoots with photographers. I wasn’t really doing so much celebrity styling, it was just basic test shoots and I built my portfolio that way. I was dating Fab at the time and he had a big shoot coming up for his album, From Nothing to Something. This was 2006, and I approached him and said, “This is what I do, I know it’s not on as large a scale of what you’re used to but give me the job, I feel that I can do it,” and he said “If you can do this shoot and you can prove yourself to me I’ll give u the job.” I did the shoot and the album packaging came out incredible. I think it’s one of his best album [packages] to date. That was 2006 and after that I branched out and started working with more. Def Jam recognized me, and they gave me more jobs with other artists. I’ve been doing it ever since and now I’m working with Red Café, Teairra Mari, Terrence J from 106 and Park and of course, Fab still. I’m still just working.

How does your role on Love & Hip-Hop affect your business?

In the beginning, the reason I took on the show is because I wanted to be recognized for my work. [But] I feel like didn’t get credit because people were like, “You’re just a stylist because you’re Fab’s girlfriend,” or “You’re his baby mother,” as some people want to say. The truth is he could have any stylist he wants, but the reason I had the job is because I was good at it and I just wanted to prove myself. I taped more footage of me working, but of course, a reality show is about drama so that doesn’t make the edits. All you see on the show isyou see one of my clients Darrelle Revis but you really don’t get to see Emily B in work mode and that’s kind of upsetting to me because that’s the only reason why I took on the show, so, they got me [laughs]. I see Olivia, she’s in hip-hop, and we got Somaya, she’s trying to work in hip-hop, and of course my connection was through Fab, [but] they also told me they wanted to show my career because I work in the hip-hop industry, so that was a plus for me. As we started taping, they saw that I had a little bit of drama in my personal life and of course they’re gonna expose that, so it is what it is.

You did seem kind of exploited, like you just put all your drama out there.

Yeah, I definitely felt there were so many other things that were taped and they only focused on the negative. So, I feel a little saddened by that, but what you saw was all real. It was the truth and I tried to keep it as real as possible, and it was my reality so I can’t really be mad.

With regard to last week’s episode, when you did the photoshoot with your family, you tweeted that it takes a lot to put everything out there like you did and that if someone can learn from your situation then your job is done. What would you like for people to learn from your situation?

The honest truth is, I’m just like anybody else. I hurt just like the next girl and just because I have fancy shoes and I drive a fancy car, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have problems. I’m human and I have feelings and no one should go through what I went through, and as I went on with taping, I opened up more because I was like, ‘You know what, this is a lesson I’m going through.’ I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this and if I could tell my story, it could affect someone else. If they can learn from my mistakes then I’m ok with telling the story, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed because it’s something that I’m going through, and the only way for me to release it is to talk about it.

Seeing you in action was hard to watch. It was written all over your face that you were disappointed that Fab didn’t come. What was the conversation with him after that particular photoshoot?

The honest truth is, it wasn’t that he stood me up. I knew he wasn’t coming. Of course, I told him that I had the shoot and that the video cameras were gonna be there, but I knew from the jump that he wasn’t gonna be there so it wasn’t that I was waiting for him to show up and he just didn’t come. I don’t know if that’s how it came across, but he would never stand me up. He wouldn’t do that. And I do want to clarify that he’s a great father. Sometimes I think people took from that, that he was a bad father but he’s not. He’s a great father and he loves his son and there’s nothing that he wouldn’t do for him, but it was just one of those things where he was like, “That’s your thing, I have my thing. I’m not on reality TV. I don’t need a reality show.” He was like, “I’m not going on reality TV. I’m a rapper, I’ve been doing this for 12 years. I’m in the peak of my career and I’m not into the TV drama,” but he was right. In the beginning I was like you don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s not gonna be any drama. And he was totally right. He was like, “I’m telling you, Emily.” Every day I would come home and tell him about what happened and he was like, “I told you so. I told you this was gonna happen.”

What is your current relationship with Fab?

You gotta watch the show [laughs]. I don’t know if it’s gonna be a second season, I can’t let the cat out the bag but I’ma just say that I learned a lot from that show and from watching myself on that show. I never ever in life want to be in that place again. And I was vulnerable and I wanted so hard for my family—people get irritated when I say that—to work, but it’s hard when you love someone. Love is powerful. People want to say that I was weak, but for me to have to do that and say all those things on TV, it just made me strong so, I’m a stronger person today because of it, and I’m just not in the same place. And that’s all I’ll say. Never again.

You talked about being afraid of walking away from your life with Fab. Was it fear of going back to a normal lifestyle or having less money and luxuries?

No, because I work. I have a job, and not only that, I have a child by this man so I won’t be—people are like, “She doesn’t want to leave him because of the money,” but I’m good regardless because he’s gonna have to support his son, so it wasn’t ever about money. It was about the fact that I’m a mother with two children and I felt like I failed in my first relationship with my daughter’s father, and I just didn’t want to do that again to my son because I know how it affected her, so that was the main reason, not wanting to fail. I was with Fab since I was 21-years-old. I didn’t know any better when I was 21, when I was a young girl. I didn’t know how to make a relationship work, but me now at 30-years-old, I’m like, I’ve invested the last 9 years of my life into this. This is not something that I just got pregnant and had a baby. This is my life for the last 9 years, so it was just very hard to come to a decision of whether I should stay or whether I should go because I was just stuck. And I don’t recommend that to nobody. There was plenty of chances for me to—I knew it was wrong, but I was just trying to be that ride or die, that I’m down for you, I got your back, and I guess it backfired on me. That’s just not healthy because I was hurting and it shows all over my face. I’m crying in every episode and I’m like, ‘I never cried so much in my life.’

Your daughter is definitely old enough to understand what’s going on so what does she think about the show and what does she think about your relationship situation?

As far as my situation with Fab, she only sees John at home and like I said, he’s not the same person that everybody else in this world sees. He’s a good father, he’s a family man. People don’t realize that so she sees this man that she loves and he loves her back, and he treats her good and she doesn’t see that side of him so she hasn’t really been affected. So, for me to have done this show is like, I opened up this whole other thing that she didn’t’ really know about. She’s 13 and she’s growing up and I just hope that she can learn from my mistakes as well; don’t be like me, be better than me. She knows, we talk a lot and I usually don’t even allow her to watch reality TV, but she watched this one. It’s difficult for me to allow her to watch it but it’s my story and I just hope she learns from it. Like I said, I’m stronger today because of it and if I didn’t go through that I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now.

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